Christmas Sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and Cheesy Christmas Sweaters for all

Make your own ugly Christmas sweaters!

Here’s a great video on how to make your own Ugly Christmas sweater! This is geared toward making Christmas sweaters for women, but with a little creativity, you can use the ideas for a men’s version as well. Enjoy!

Today I’m gonna show you how to get ugly, with ugly Christmas sweaters!

It’s that time of year where it’s not only acceptable, but it’s encouraged to wear your best ugly Christmas sweater. Naturally of course, I had no ugly awful Christmas sweaters laying around! So if you want to learn how you can make your own ugly Christmas sweaters for this year, just keep watching!

So to make this, you’ll need an old school hoodless sweatshirt. Lay it out flat and cut directly around the neckline. We decided we wanted to change the shape of which shoulder was going to be shown, so we started cutting the opposite direction after we already started.

So this is the basic shape path your cut will take. You’re gonna cut directly around the neckline and leave only about an inch off on the other side. It really doesn’t look like a lot, but that amount actually makes it off the shoulder.

Next, take a satin ribbon and fold it in half. The half is going to be the center of the bow, so pull up the ribbon to make the two sides of the bow, then fold it over and pull it out. You could just sew 2 straps and tie the bow on your sleeve, but we wanted it to be a part of the sweater instead of having extra straps. Now sew the center of the bow to make sure the bow stays in place once it’s a part of the Christmas sweater.

Once the bow is finished, put it on your shoulder and pin it in place on the sweatshirt where you want it to go. You can have fun with this part. We wanted to have an asymmetrical back, so we pulled our ribbon to the center of the back instead of making it a normal strap.

Once the ribbon is in place, use a thread color the same as the sweater and sew from the back forwards so the thread doesn’t show.

Next, I cut and placed iron on letters on the Christmas sweaters and started ironing. Set the iron down and let it sit for about 5 seconds, and slowly move the iron over the letters. Only try to work with a few words at a time, and make sure there’s something in between the sweatshirt so the iron doesn’t go through the back. You can set the heat on your iron a little bit higher because this is a thick cotton fabric and you want the letters to stick.

Next for the Christmas sweater, I sewed on this bow by going under the top layer so the thread didn’t show. I’m using fabric paint to decorate the sweater with all kinds of Christmas holdiday decorations. It’s kind of harder to paint the exact shape onto the sweater because it kind of blends and smears a little bit, but don’t worry because you’re gonna cover it up with glitter and little errors on your ugly christmas sweater aren’t that noticeable.

For the holly berries, I’m just dotting directly from the paint tube right onto the sweatshirt in a cute circle. This looks way more 3D and it looks like there’s actual holly berries stuck to your Christmas sweater.

While the paint is still wet on the sweater, if you want to, drop loose glitter directly onto it. After the paint dries, you can just shake off all the excess glitter and it will only be stuck to your image.

So here’s our finished ugly Christmas sweaters! It’s such a great, fun take on a funny Christmas tradition, and I love how these turned out!

Now, don’t you look fabulous? Merry Christmas!